Friday, September 23, 2011


MANILA, Philippines – Major industry players that conducted formal tests on the digital terrestrial TV platform of Japan are happy with the results and await the government’s final go-ahead for its use soon, in preparation for next year’s shift from analog to digital broadcasting.

Residents of  Barangay Calulut in  Mexico, Pampanga tried out the Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting or ISDB-T of Japan, and reported satisfactory results.

“The signal is good, the colors bright,” said Maricel Fernando, who for years had suffered bad TV signal.

“My signal does not bounce,” reported another resident whose TV set at home was attached to the test digibox, Manolo Gonzales.

In the test, they were able to access seven channels well, and said it was obvious that this was much better than the analog signal they were used to.

At least 29 homes in Barangay Calulut were part of the test site of several major broadcasting companies preparing to make the migration, under government regulatory supervision, from analog to digital transmission.

The government is to make a final choice soon between Japan’s ISDB-T platform and the DVBT-2 from Europe.

The industry players are just waiting for the final go-ahead before they roll out the technology.

“We are also doing our own test. TV5 is ready for digital terrestrial TV and we are strongly endorsing the Japanese standard, ISDB-T,” Atty. Ray Espinosa, TV5 president, said on Thursday.

“The industry is excited. We're confident and consumers are excited also," said Miguel Mercado, head of DTT Marketing of ABS-CBN.

Based on the ABS-CBN test broadcast, more channel options were enabled by the digital multi-frequency platform. The Barangay Calulut residents’ positive experience---the dramatic improvement of signal quality or reception, especially---was shared in other test areas.

Source: Interaksyon.TV


yes said...

syempRE S abs N K U....International n...dami p mgagaling artesta...(at hnde mukhang pera)...heheheh

Anonymous said...

bibilhin ko ang digibox ng ABS
dahil may mga free premium channels
like myx.anc rin cguro..meron ding hero so san kapa?!

Anonymous said...

No 3 na naman ang GMA neto.

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