Friday, July 10, 2015


MANILA, Philippines - Filipinos in Singapore can now get a wide range of Filipino content with the launch of The Filipino Channel (TFC) on Singtel TV.

In a statement , ABS-CBN Corp. said TFC is being made available along with the Lifestyle Network and ABS-CBN Sports + Action to the line-up of Singtel TV.

Packaged as the Kapamilya Starter, TFC will be available with its three premium channels: TFC (Ch. 693), Lifestyle Network (Ch. 692), and ABS-CBN Sports + Action (Ch. 694).

TFC offers programs from its parent company ABS-CBN Corp., quality content from various providers, as well as content exclusively produced for overseas Filipinos. 

The Lifestyle Network caters to viewers interested in food, travel as well as reality shows.

ABS-CBN Sports + Action, meanwhile, provides content from live events in the biggest sporting arenas to extreme sports in the outdoors, as well as exciting travel shows, thrilling action-packed movies, and laugh-out loud comedy programs. 

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ABS-CBN Global managing director for Asia-Pacific Ailene Averion said the partnership of TFC and Singtel TV addresses the content needs of Filipinos in Singapore.  

“Filipinos in the country have been clamoring for well-loved content from the Philippines and the company of our Kapamilya stars. Singtel TV’s carriage of TFC, Lifestyle Network and ABS-CBN Sports + Action Channel would not only mean that more Filipinos in Singapore will get the best and widest range of content from the homeland from ABS-CBN and exclusive shows from TFC but also a taste of home,” she said.

Formerly mio TV, Singtel TV is a 24-hour Pay-TV, providing subscribers content from all over the world, including the Philippines.

Singtel TV’s Kapamilya Starter will be available for SGD$ 21.90.


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