Friday, March 20, 2015


TV host Willie Revillame has already signed an airtime agreement with GMA Network today for his variety show on GMA7. News reports earlier indicated Revillame agreeing to buy airtime on GMA 7 for his entertainment show. The buzz cited the program will be aired in May this year and will occupy the 3:30 to 5:00 PM time slot every Sunday. It appears that the original plan to go against ASAP was put into shelf citing Willie's treasured friendship with Star Magic's head. 

However, unlike his deal with TV5, Revillame will receive no help from GMA in producing the show. The TV host alone will spend to produce the show and will also be paying Php 2 million to GMA for leasing its airtime every week. But of course, as with any blocktimer, Revillame will earn most of the airtime revenues and product placements for himself. GMA will still be monitoring the content, as they wish to avoid the fate of TV5 and ABS-CBN for receiving legal complaints from Willie's inappropriate TV hosting.

 Revillame rose to stardom after hosting Wowowee in ABS-CBN which earned him a professional fee of around Php 1 million per day. The eye popping talent fee made him the highest grossing entertainment host of all time, even eclipsing Kris Aquino in those years. Management disagreements eventually parted Willie and ABS-CBN with the latter even suing Revillame for damages. 



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