Wednesday, March 12, 2014


MANILA - ABS-CBN Corp has secured a loan from a local insurance company to finance its capital expenditure for this year.

In a disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange, the Lopez-owned broadcasting company said it has obtained a P1 billion loan from the Philippine American Life and General Insurance Co (Philamlife). 

The loan has a 10-year term with a fixed interest rate of 5.4 percent per annum. 

"The loan proceeds will be used to partially finance the company's capital expenditure requirements and general working capital purposes," ABS-CBN said. 

ABS-CBN chief financial officer Aldrin M. Cerrado had said the company is allotting P4 billion for its capex this year, the same as last year. 

Of the total capex, P1 billion would be spent on program rights and the remaining P3 billion for the expansion of its pay-TV and digital TV rollout. 

Earlier, ABS-CBN raised P6 billion from the first tranche of its P10 billion in fixed-rate bonds.  The bond has a tenor of seven years and carries a coupon rate of 5.335 percent per annum. 

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) earlier authorized the company to issue up to P10 billion in fixed-rate bonds in one or two tranches.

Part of the proceeds would be used to construct sound stages, which when completed would increase production quality and bring down the cost of location shoots.


Anonymous said...

umutang para pambayad sa utang. LOL

Anonymous said...

ay tanga di marunong bumassa at walng comprehension..tunay na dakilang kapuso ulol mga bobo! hihihi

LubogGME said...

Kapag isa kang KANGUSO, CERTIFIED BOBO ka! Bwahahahaha! Dahil sa mga KANGUSO ang utang ay katulad ng nangungutang ka sa sari-sari store. Ambobo ng comprehension ng mga KANGUSO. Ang ABS-CBN ay UMUUTANG for EXPANSION at MAY KAKAYAHAN silang MAGBAYAD. Di gaya ng GME na hindi umuutang DAHIL WALANG NAGPAPAUTANG dahil maliit lang na kumpanya at WALANG KAKAYAHANG MAGBAYAD kaya nga LUGMOK na sa PUTIKAN ang GME dahil kakapiranggot na AdLoads na lang ang PUMAPASOK sa inyo dahil PATAY na kayo sa RATINGS dahil WALA ng naniniwala sa AGBGME tandem niyo kaya LAGAPAK at LUBOG na sa EBAK ang GME niyo. Bwaahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

yung sa itaas di ng-iisip;pag daw kapuso bobo? e kung sasabihin kung lahat ng kapamilya bobo din-- ay di totoo yn;syempre my bobo na kapus at may bobong ding kapams--yan ang totoo

ikaw ang bobo;you r a moron,barbaric sa pagsasabi mu ng ganyan===ikaw tuloy ang ngmumukhang BOBO

Anonymous said...

Yun nasa taas ko...Ikaw na ang pinaka skewwd to the left of the normal curved..Kung di mo GetZ expected na dahil KAPUSOng UloL ka! HAHAHAHAHA

LubogGME said...

Anonymous said...
yung sa itaas di ng-iisip;pag daw kapuso bobo? e kung sasabihin kung lahat ng kapamilya bobo din-- ay di totoo yn;syempre my bobo na kapus at may bobong ding kapams--yan ang totoo

ikaw ang bobo;you r a moron,barbaric sa pagsasabi mu ng ganyan===ikaw tuloy ang ngmumukhang BOBO
March 21, 2014 at 11:18 AM


Hoy KANGUSONG ULOL, bago ka magalit diyan, ayusin mo muna yang spelling at punctuations mo sa internet! Mas BOBO ka dahil masyadong halata sa pagiging JEJEMON mo! bwahahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

You are not reading, aren't you?

ABS-CBN didn't borrow to pay its debt but rather (please read):

"The loan proceeds will be used to partially finance the company's capital expenditure requirements and general working capital purposes," ABS-CBN said. 

Or you don't you understand English?

I suggest that before you press the comment button make sure that you comprehend what you have just read. You are obviously ignorant and illiterate. You are pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Gago ung ns taas gma is a corporation company billion ang halaga panu naging maliit.nagbenta cla Ng share to improve better.ang abs cbn naggloan ng 1.65 billion s security bank plus 1 billion s philam aber for expansion sabihin ntin pero kasama n dun ang pambayad utang.ikaw ang bobo kapamilya n pang probincyA katulad mo.ulok k gago p.

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