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Top 10 Richest Filipino Celebrities

1. Manny Pacquiao: How much is Manny Pacquiao worth? According to an article, his wealth is worth almost 5 Billion pesos counting his purse winnings since 2006. Add to this a couple of houses here and abroad, apartments and mansions, more than 5 commercial buildings, restaurants and bars, golf course, condos and mansion. AND EVEN MORE; he owned limited editions of different watches such as ROLEX, Patek, Cartier, Omega and more. Owns many businesses. Runs a rooster farm for cockfight gambling, lottery outlets, a boxing promotions company and a basketball team. Assets includes several properties for rentals, business buildings, beach resorts, medical facilities. Invest heavily in various bank financial programs. Earns money acting in movies, and also appearing regularly in television shows. Has steady stream of income from pop album sales. Has endorsement deals with companies like Nike, McDonald's, Philippine Long Distance Company, San Miguel Beer, Café Puro, Alaxan, Magnolia, etc., etc. Also receives fee from video game, such as Electronic Arts; Fight Night series. Has various biographical documentaries. Has a movie about him. $11 million guaranteed plus. Plus a percentage from the 1.25 Million PPV buy at $70 million vs De la Hoya. Donates regularLy to charitable institutions. Gives money and goods easily to poor people. Regularly shows up on request for free during sporting events and festivals. Has recently gave up gambling.

2. Sharon Cuneta: worth around 600-800 Million pesos. got 5 houses in a very exclusive villages and subdivisions, she got a dozen of “Hermes” bags worth 3 million pesos each.

3. Willie Revillame: worth 400-600 million pesos. lots of cars, 2 yachts, and 4 houses.

4. Vilma Santos: worth 300-500 million pesos. lots of houses even in Tagaytay Highlands and Ayala Alabang.

5. Ricky Reyes: around 200 million. got 4 mansions and some resorts.

6. Dolphy: worth 150 million pesos. lots of houses and cars, business too.

7. Kris Aquino: around 120 million pesos. wealthy family in Tarlac, 4M TF per month.

8. Lucy Torres: around 100 million pesos. wealthy family in Ormoc City

9. Bong Revilla: around 100 million. old rich in Cavite.

10. Vic Sotto: around 100 million. owns TAPE Productions and a lot more.

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