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Media's job is to tell the story, but no story is worth even one life.We will always cooperate with authorities in trying to resolve complex situations like the Aug 23 hostage crisis.If the government had called for a news blackout, ABS-CBN would have supported it.We are done with an initial assessment of our coverage and continue to review our policies.
We exercised self-restraint on Monday:

1.  We refused to air the hostage taker's threats live about a 3 pm deadline to avoid fuelling public fear.

2.  We refused to air the hostage taker's interview until after negotiations were finished.

3.  We refused to be part of hostage negotiations.

4.  All throughout the day and until the first shots were aired, we kept our cameras 400 meters away from the bus, giving us shaky video that viewers complained about.  Our teams never crossed the police line.

5.  Although we had access to members of the police reaction team, we held back interviews which could compromise their plans and/or location.

6.  After the police tried to arrest the hostage taker's brother, our team physically stepped back to comply with police request.

7.  After the assault began, we tried to limit our shots to avoid showing police movements.  We stayed with extreme close-ups or wide shots.

8.  We immediately complied when police asked us to turn off our lights explaining the grainy shots viewers complained about.

9.  We avoided tampering with evidence at crime scene.  Instead, we asked Soco to shoot the video instead of entering the bus ourselves.

This wasn't enough.

We acknowledge airing a report that detailed the position of the police during the assault. 

During the arrest of Gregorio Mendoza, we considered pulling away from the coverage but a man was crying for help.

In other countries around the world, governments set the ground rules for situations like this.  One network cannot unilaterally declare a news blackout.  Press freedom issues take a back seat during situations like this - where the government already has the power to define the terms to media. 

We are taking the public's views to heart.  Monday's tragic events triggered intense soul-searching for us.  Such is the irony of a profession that wields so much power but relies entirely on self-doubt to gain --- and keep --- its credibility.

We ask our broadcast colleagues to join us in an industry review.  Let us unite and work together to put in place measures to collectively decide when we stop live coverage in the absence of government presence of mind.


Anonymous said...

kaoamilya station.ang oa nyo.its too late to explain.patay na sila kaya wag na maraming pa press dyan.yan kasi ang pinoy hndi takot sa ibang bansa pag maraming pinatay sa ibang bansa like iraq.marami pa rin ang ng DH even after flor contemplacion's bitay.pero ang ibang bansa takot sa atin pg maraming nangyayari like patayan.for me kasi i dont care if di magpunta ang ibang bansa sa atin,kahit ano pa mga negosyo ang naitulong nila sa atin really dont care kasi mga feeling superior sila.nangyari yun so dapat tanggapin nlng nla lahat.sino ba naman ang mgka gusto sa nangyari.hay nako mga oa talaga

dahh said...

==== bitter kba iha kaawa kana sumuporta ka na lang umeepal ka nnman pag kapuso tlaga kulang sa utak... tsk tsk tsk

==== networkwar eh2 po ung latest teaser ng imortal paki post po hindi ung dating na post nyo luma na un eh2 ung link ok thanks.....

==== http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YhJ2SfEBxA&feature=player_embedded

==== wahhhhh Hes beautiful Episode 12 na ako wahhhhh sobrang ganda kc ng storya sarap ulit ulitin... inggit nnman kapusod dyan palalamunin nnman sila ng alikabok ng hes beautiful....

===== congrats nga pla sa showtime nka ungos na ulit sa eb sa pag balik ni vice ganda pati sa pwnw gumaganda na rin ung ratings... mdami balita networkwar about sa mga bagong mangyyari sa show ng dos sa daytime ah wla kba nabbalitaan may naririnig akong balita na ibbalik daw ung deal or no deal kc mwwal na ung pwnw tapos showtime na ung ipplit ktapat ng eb ok sna kso dumadami na nanonood ng pwnw eh sayang ung effort kc kahit mababa ung ratings nya d nbwasan ung advertiser nila eh.... sana d totoo pero kung totoo ok lang din alam nyo nman kming kapamilya suportahan lang hay naku dami nnman dyan bitter mmya in a major major way hahahahahaha..

Anonymous said...

aw naunahan mo ako dahh,di bale ipo-post ko na nga lang...ganda ng special effects ng imortal:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QL9G0F7dQf8&feature=player_embedded

dahh said...

anonymous said...

pasalamat may miss universe kung hindi lugmok ang ratings.hahaha.' miss U.' ang panalo lang sa non-primetime.'

ito pala ang kantar lobog na lobog ang chutym at lose na lose

Showtime 7.9/Bulaga 15.8/Win 12

===== alam mo basta kapuso bobo talaga pwde bago ka mag post ng article paki sigurado muna kung tama ok bobo mo nman eh2 ung ratings nung august 24 2010 paniwla ka kc sa pep eh tanga...

Comparative TV ratings nationwide – August 24, Tuesday:

Gising Pilipinas (1.9%) vs. I-Witness (Replay) (1.7%)
Kabayan (3.7%) / Umagang Kay Ganda (10.6%) vs. Unang Hirit (8.9%)
Spongebob Squarepants (8.4%) vs. Doraemon (8.1%)
Simply KC (11.4%) vs. Detective Conan (8.8%) / Knock Out (7.7%)
Miss Universe Live From Mandalay Bay Las Vegas (29.4%) vs. Love Ni Mister Love Ni Misis (4.8%) / Danz Showdown (6.3%) / Kapuso Movie Festival “Moments Of Love” (11.7%)
Showtime (17.9%) vs. Eat… Bulaga! (15.8%)
Pilipinas Win Na Win! (12.0%) vs. Ang Yaman Ni Lola (11.8%) / Trudis Liit (11.9%)
Rosalka (13.8%) / Impostor (13.9%) vs. Basahang Ginto (12.8%)
Panahon Ko ‘To! (10.8%) vs. Wipeout (10.2%)
He’s Beautiful (14.8%) vs. Hole In The Wall (12.3%)
Elena M. Patron’s Momay (26.5%) vs. Langit Sa Piling Mo (16.2%) / Spin It! Win It! (16.0%)
TV Patrol World (37.1%) vs. 24 Oras (26.3%)
Noah (35.7%) vs. Pilyang Kerubin (21.8%)
Rod Santiago’s Agua Bendita (34.6%) vs. Ilumina (17.9%)
Magkaribal (23.0%) vs. Endless Love (17.8%)
Kristine (17.4%) vs. East Of Eden (7.8%)
SNN (Showbiz News Ngayon) (7.8%) vs. Saksi Liga Ng Katotohanan (6.0%)
Bandila (5.0%) / The Correspondents (4.0%) / Music Uplate Live (1.3%) vs. Reporter’s Notebook (3.7%)

==== oh ehdi pahiya ka iba ang Showtime 7.9/Bulaga 15.8/Win 12 sa Showtime (17.9%) vs. Eat… Bulaga! (15.8%) tanga mo nman basta kc may masabi lang bobo... talo na kc eb mo kya nag hihimutok ka bobo...

Anonymous said...

GMA News' statement on its coverage of the bus siege at Quirino Grandstand


Immediately after our live coverage of the hostage taking and its bloody outcome last Monday, we reviewed how we covered the situation.

We are now taking a second look at our existing policies and processes to determine how these can be improved.

At the end of this review, we will come up with a revised set of rules and guidelines to be implemented during situations that pose risks to our personnel and to the public.

We are also open to dialogue with authorities on how we can work together in situations like this in the interest of the safety of the public, especially hostages.


TV5 maglabas na din.hehehe.'
sa GMA mayroon tagolog version
hindi ko na nilagay.'

Anonymous said...

@ dahh
natatawa ako sa kanya parang hindi naka-recover.'hehehe.' baka natakehin sa puso.'

Anonymous said...

@ dahh
natatawa ako sa kanya parang hindi naka-recover.'hehehe.' baka atakehin sa puso.'


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