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SPENDING ON advertisements went up by a fifth in the first half as broadcasters hiked rates and consumer products slugged it out with politicians for paid airtime.

But more ads went to radio, which has surged in recent years as audience measurement data became available, while print managed to keep its share of the pie because of election placements.

Data from media research firm Nielsen showed that ad spending, based on published rate cards, hit P108.6 billion in January to June, up by 19% from last year on higher outlays by government agencies and political candidates, personal care products and detergents.

Television accounted for 74% of total ad spending, while radio took 21% of the pie and print stayed at 5%. Compared with the same period last year, TV shed one percentage point in favor of radio.

Volume went up by 9% to 5.09 million advertising spots, with radio and print gaining by 12% and 3%, respectively, at the expense of TV which lost 5%. Radio minutes also rose by 13% while TV was down by 7%.

Advertisers are said to be flocking to radio as it is a "mobile medium." Filipinos also tend to stick to one radio station, unlike in television where viewers "surf channels," said Jay G. Bautista, executive director for media of The Nielsen Co. (Philippines), Inc.

"Radio is going to grow. It still has a lot of capacity [for advertisements]," Mr. Bautista told BusinessWorld. The radio market is dominated by Manila Broadcasting Co., ABS-CBN Corp., Radio Mindanao Network, and GMA Network, Inc., with revenues split equally between AM and FM stations.

On television, 95% of ads went to free channels and the rest to cable, unchanged from last year. Product placements within TV programs themselves are growing as networks maximize ad revenues from limited airtime. But product placements on ABS-CBN shows outpaced those on GMA Network four-to-one, Nielsen data showed.

Taking out the almost triple increase in political ads, spending still rose by a tenth as firms like Unilever Philippines, Inc. and Procter & Gamble Philippines, Inc. hiked their budgets to introduce new products.

Colgate-Palmolive Philippines, Inc. began placing ads on ABS-CBN instead of only GMA Network previously, amid a business spat with the SM retail group that took off Colgate toothpastes and Palmolive soaps and shampoos off supermarket shelves last year. Colgate doubled spending on toothpaste ads while rivals Unilever and Procter & Gamble hiked budgets for detergents and shampoos by more than half.

Ice cream ads went up by three-quarters amid the dry spell caused by El Niño. But food manufacturers and pharmaceutical firms retreated, particularly from the February-to-May election campaign period, to avoid the "clutter" of political ads, Mr. Bautista said.

Telcos barely moved as they have been shifting to nontraditional advertising to keep mobile subscribers, Mr. Bautista said. Moreover, TV networks ABS-CBN and GMA were said to be now charging Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT) standard rates, instead of discounted ones, since the PLDT group’s acquisition of TV5 last year.

ABS-CBN and GMA Network declined to comment.

Local advertising has largely been spared by the global economic downturn considering the Philippine market is dominated by fast-moving consumer goods, Mr. Bautista said.

"In the second half, more of those who held back in the first half will start spending again -- pharmaceuticals, beverages. Consumer confidence is on the rise and people have a more positive outlook," he said.

Mediaquest Holdings, Inc., a unit of the Beneficial Trust Fund of PLDT, has a minority stake in BusinessWorld.


sweety_plum said...


una pala ako. ahehehehe

Anonymous said...

Grabe talaga ang ABS CBN ngayon! Bumubulosok talaga pataas! Napaka.WOW! Parang wala akong masabi! Intense sa intense sa pangunguna!

ABS CBN Corporation
beyond television...

The most trusted in advertising media network by multimillion local and international company.

The undisputed leading tv network in metro manila, mega manila, nationwide and worldwide.

In the Service of the Filipino!

Hoowwoow! Wapak!

kipling said...

lupet ng bandila.2 gaps kgbi,tig-13 ads(not included ung promo for cascades)for a 30min-show.late night n un huh?ung soco,may 3 at 4 tas d q n nbilang nung sumunod n gap.tlagang gnagmit ng abs ang gnamit nila nung halalan.ndi pinagyabang lng.ang ganda tlaga s paningin,not d old style of newscasting.visually-appealing p mga anchors.

Anonymous said...

"But product placements on ABS-CBN shows outpaced those on GMA Network four-to-one, Nielsen data showed."


kaya naman in panic mode na talaga ang mga execs ng shiete!
alam nilang talo na sila pero sige pa rin ang pagpapalabas ng praise releases na mga die-hard kapuso lang naman ang naniniwala!

go abs-cbn!
this is your time, it's showtime!

dahh said...

=== yan ang nagpapatunay kung sino talga ang tunay na no1 hindi lang sa mega manila kundi buong pilipinas pa...

=== ang mahalagang sangkap meron ang abs ay ung pagiging totoo nila sa taon bayan kc ung ang naglagay sa kanila sa pedestal na tinatamasa nila kc hindi mahalaga kung bumagsak ka ng ilang taon na cnsabi ng mga kapusod kundi ung hinaharap at kung paano mo uli ibabangon at papa bungahin ng mas maganda at mayabong ung punong itinanim mo ng mahabang panahon kumbaga kahit may dumating na bagyo bumagsak ka man babangon at babangon ka uli at ipakita sa lahat na ang problema hindi tinatakbuhan kundi ginagawan ng solusyon yan nag tatak abs-cbn sarap maging kapamilya proud to be pinoy sobra....

Happy said...

Hahaha 4:1 ang ratio, so pano n yan mga kapussy knno naniniwla ang mga advertisers sa Agb pipols retings o sa kantar household reting? Yan o ang sgot ktang kta sa dmi ng ads.

kapams said...

Mas mataas na expectations ko ngaun sa ABS. kung nuong tipid cla sa budget, nagagawa parin nila gumawa ng quality shows. The more na dapat na maganda ang ihain nilang mga programa. weh, eh kelan ba ako binigo ng ABS. hi! sa mga ka-pamily d2. daah, happy. tagal ko na tambay d2, pero ngaun pa lang ako nag interact sa kapwa tambay d2. ehehe

sweety_plum said...

happy tagal mo nawala ha. ahehehe miss you!

Numan said...

Pero ang mga die-hard sa kapupunework ay patuloy parin clang nagpabulagbulagan....mga kawawa......................hahahaha

Happy said...

Eow mga kapamilya... Sweety_plum, dahh, Numan, kipling, kapams. Wla ata mga kapussy d2, d kz cla pwde mgmalaki d2 kz may ebidensya jajaja

TheHeck said...

mas kawawa ka kaysa sa amin numan... :(


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