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In the poll, the higher the score, the less corrupt the country. Tied for No. 1 this year, with a “score” of 9.4 is Philippine, followed closely by Indonesia and Thailand. At the bottom, with a score of 1.20 is Singapore, which is also one of world's least corrupt countries.

Ranking of Corruption in Asian Countries:

Corrupt Asian countries

1. Philippine (菲律宾) 9.40

Expatriate businessmen in Asia perceive the Philippines as the most corrupt country in the region. Nearly $2 billion dollars, or roughly 13 percent of the Philippines' annual budget, is lost to corruption in the country each year, according to the United Nations Development Program.

Its judicial system is believed to be ineffective at prosecuting and punishing individuals for corruption when abuses are uncovered. Local corruption monitors confirm that graft and bribery in the Philippines remain rampant. Corruption has penetrated every level of government, from the Bureau of Customs down to the traffic police officers who pull over motorists to demand bribes.

2. Indonesia (印尼) 8.03

Not only on Asia's top 10 list, Indonesia has also been categorized as the number 5 of the 96 most corrupt nations in the world. In the past two years, Indonesia has lost more than $2bn due to corruption.

Former president Suharto, as the most corrupt political leader in the world in the past 20 years, has ruled this country with an iron fist for more than three decades. All the leading candidates have made fighting corruption a central theme of their campaigns but none have been clear on how they will solve the problem.

3. Thailand (泰国) 8.03

The Problem of corruption has been around for a long time in Thailand and its roots are deep in the culture - While huge amounts of money will be lost during the implementation of projects due to corruption, more will be lost while trying to fight against it and stop it.

Thailand’s ex-Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra has used very rough methods to control the media, which should be one of the most powerful watchdogs against corruption.

4. Vietnam (越南) 7.54

A country where its light-fingered bureaucrats cream off at least 20% of infrastructure spending. Corruption has been identified as one of the government's main challenges.Vietnamese is now battling corruption at all levels.

5. India (印度) 6.67

Corruption happens because they have a system that allows such corruption to flourish. It's a country that as high as 62 percent of citizens think that the corruption is not a hearsay, but they in fact had the firsthand experience of paying bribe or “using a contact” to get a job done in a public office.

It is not anymore confined to politicians or the government machinery alone. It is prevalent amongst almost every section of the society at every level.

Source: Asianoffbeat.com


Anonymous said...

sana mahuli na LAHAT ng BUWAYA! sa Pilipinas! sa ngayun isa palang ang nahuhuli ,,sana yung kasunod yung mga buwayang NAGBABARONG naman!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

sana di lang si LOLONG ang hinuhuli nila.... nasaan na ba yung daang matuwid..

Anonymous said...

sus magtataka pa ba, eh kung tv ratings nga sa megamanila eh dinadaya din......

merong isang network na nagsasabing no.1 daw sila pero mga artista wala halos kumuha for tv commercials and halos lahat ng movies na ginagawa nila flop!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I had a first hand experience this morning how corrupt our PNP is. Walang sinasanto, kahit buntis. Kawawa tayong namumuhay ng maayos. I did not give a cent so they harassed me. After an hour, they released me. Tulungan natin ang bayan, sumunod tayo sa batas, wag tayo magbigay! Mabuti pa si Lolong marunong mahiya. Yung ibang police natin, mas makapal pa ang mukha sabalat ni Lolong. [sigh]

Anonymous said...

Philippines is known for its unique culture, amazing natural wonders and hospitable people. We are called Filipinos. I am proud to be one but sad to know that the image of our beloved country has made a stain on the face of the world. It was started so many years ago as some Filipino leaders let their pocket ate their brains and unethical politics run their lives. And this system just like rivers continue to flow up to this generation – our generation. According to a survey, Philippines ranked 1st place in Asia. As what? As the most corrupt country. Does it deserve for a standing ovation and a big round of applause? Definitely a big NO! Pity for myself and for all of us – FILIPINOS.
Let us be optimistic that this would be not the end. DREAM BIG for our country! We can cut the scandalous implications of what other leaders brought about. Let’s begin another threshold. I am dreaming of a better Philippines. Quality education. More jobs. A better life. But these things would only happen if you and I would little by little embrace the CHANGE and kiss the sprouting HOPE in our palm.

Anonymous said...

..wait..according sa research ko iba na ang most corrupt..i think nung 2007 pa ito? not sure ahh...i think this is not the latest survey...kasi sa ibang informations ko hinde na ang phils. not sure ..mag research pa.

jun2x said...

this is a copy and paste blog... the real article was dated in 2007... so we were corrupt country in 2007

jun2x said...

this is the link the date is September 7, 2007


Anonymous said...

Ito ang isa sa reason na hindi ako proud to be a pilipino. Either sa pagmamaneho,walang disciplina, mga singit singit sa pagpila. Marami pang hindi magandang ugali natin mga pilipino. Pasalamat ako at wala ako sa pilipinas. Walang pagasa ang bayan. Buto lang buto ng mga artista na walang alam sa politico.


oo nga naman, lalo na ngayon meron na namang RH Bill na isinasabatas ng ibang mga kongresista..... ano na ba ang nangyayari sa pilipinas....dami raw ng population ang dahilan kong bakit naghihirap ang pilipinas....
nasaan na ba ang ang sinasabi ni PNOY nuon na "KUNG WALANG CORRUPT, WALANG MAHIRAP" na palaging laman ng mga television noong kasagsagan pa ng ELECTION.......hindi kahirapan ang dahilan kong bakit lubog sa kahirapan ang bansa natin......ang mga BUWAYA na yan..ang corruption na yan.....sana naman wag nyo nang ituloy ang RH Bill na yan.... labag yan sa mata ng Diyos

bumabaha na sa MANILA ngayon sana naman mataohan na KAYO....

Anonymous said...

I'm an American, just got scammed for $15,000 by a Filipina, and I hate these people with a passion. Filipinos are the biggest liars in the world, the scum of planet earth, if I were a leader of a country I would invade the Philippines and destroy it completely, the people are all corrupt and scum bags, and the men lazy and stupid and watch cock fights and drink all day, they are retards beyond description. And on top of it they act really cocky. From now on I'm going to start busting their Filipino teeth straight down their Filipino throats. Death to the Filipino people. (Spoken by an American of German descent with blonde hair and blue eyes).

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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