Monday, July 11, 2011


AFTER announcing that Marian Rivera’s next movie will be with Robin Padilla, we heard the latest buzz that it’s not Robin anymore who’d be paired with her for Valentine but Aga Muhlach who’s now with TV5. In which case, they might be up against the hit love team... of Richard Gutierrez and Angel Locsin who are also planning to have a Valentine movie. It’d be recalled that their past Valentine flicks like “Let the Love Begin” and “I Will Always Love You” were all blockbusters. This time, they’ll produce the movie themselves.

They can easily do this since they’re not really tied down to Star Cinema nor GMA Films. We heard they’ve already asked someone to write the full script and they’re now negotiating with the director who they want to meg their co-production. Wonder how this will sit with Angel’s BF, Azkals’ Phil Younghusband, with whom she was saccharine sweet when they went to Kylie Minogue’s concert and at the victory party of the Azkals after winning over Sri Lanka. Angel has promised Phil she’ll be there when they fight Kuwait as he considers her as his lucky charm.

By Mario Bautista, Journal Online (Philippines)


Anonymous said...

kahapon sa SHOWBIZ CENTRAL sabi nila 28million php. na daw ang SUPER FLOP FLOPTATION ISLAND in 5 days yan...july 6-10 sabi nila sa SHOWBIZ CENTRAL 28million php. na daw..may victory party pang nalalaman ang GME-REGAL FILMS hahahaha

floptation island pow yan..mind conditioning at hyped lang..box office hit daw..??hahahaa basta GME PADDING YAN..tulad din yan ng MY FLOP GIRLS na 44million php. lang pala

ANGEL LOCSIN-JOHN LLOYD pow..hindi yang richard bullfrog na laos...charot lang yan..

STAR CINEMA pow c angel locsin

Anonymous said...

is this real...sana lumapat na si richard sa abscbn at hindi sa Tv5 na sinasabi nila.....angel at richard loveteam ang bagay....

Anonymous said...

mukhang KAILANGAN na ni retsard si ANGEL ngayon I WONDER WHY??? KUNG SAKALIN TOTOO ITO???

Anonymous said...

kapal din ng mukha mo noh.. ikaw ang bulfrog at laos, mukha kang bakulaw sa ugali mo, wawa ka namn talagang sineswerte s RG kisa sayo, If I you better kill yourself you just envy bullshit you turn and there is no benefit to the world, the narrowing of your brain! you truly are at a disadvantage with RG. sorry that you have just as much thought bless Richard G. than you. Lazarus!

CHismosang Baki said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CHismosang Baki said...

you bully fellow, due to concentrated you only comment. If ie the outlook Richard ignores you, we just enjoyed seeing the fun we idol. not like you, envy and anger in your heart do you have peace of mind. obvious naman! hahaha devoid!:)) fuck off!!


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