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THE Quezon City Prosecutors’ Office has upheld GMA Network Inc.’s complaint that rival network ABS-CBN aired portions of one of its programs without its consent.

The network said eight of ABS-CBN’s staff working for the showbiz program The Buzz aired footage of its program Daisy Siete on Feb. 13, 2005 without authorization

Asst. City Prosecutor Vesta Victoria Giner-Villamayor recommended that the eight be charged for violation of the Intellectual Property Code.

But she cleared the network’s top executives, including chairman and chief executive Eugenio Lopez III, president Luis Alejandro, executive vice president Maria Rosario Santos-Concio, and senior vice president Maria Socorro Vidanes of any liability.

“Despite [the] allegations against them, no clear evidence was presented that they indeed participated directly or indirectly in the actual airing of the subject footage,” Villamayor said.

Luis Andrada, The Buzz’s production manager, was similarly cleared because he was not yet an active member of the program’s production staff when the incident happened.

But the prosecutors recommended the indictment of executive producer Nancy Yabut, production manager Gia Nina Suyao, director Jonathan Diaz, supervising producer Roxy Liquigan, associate producer for technical matters Lani Gutierrez, associate producer Jenny Ingalia, head writer Romer Gonzales, and TV production head for talk and variety programs Roldeo Endrinal.

The eight argued that the showing of the Daisy Siete footage fell within the “reproduction” of artistic work as part of a report on current events, and that its airing was negligible since it lasted only 10 seconds.

“The position taken by the respondents do not sit well with said provisions [of the law],” Villamayor said in her resolution.

The arguments raised by the respondents were “evidentiary in nature” and best left for the court to evaluate during the trial of the case, she said. Roy Pelovello

Source: Manila Standard Today


Anonymous said...

nasaan na yung daisyshet-e??? chugi na diba??? ano yun nag hahanap lang nng butas??? ano yan may ma-i-issue lang???

Anonymous said...

^^^ lugi kasi ang gma7 last year kaya kailangan nila ngayon yan para mameet nila ang quota this year! bwahahaha!

Anonymous said...

hehe..Anu b yan..matindi pangangailangan ha..

Anonymous said...

kapit tuko na talaga ang GMA..nalugi kasi nang bonggang bongga last year...Kaya kailangan magka pera..Kawawa nga mga empleyado kasi kalahati lang ang bunos na natanggap..binawi yung kalahati...pero si Welma Kupetera...Sobra sobra ang pera kasi nakaka delehensya sa sardinas, noodles at groceries..bwahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Bitter GMA


LOL sino kaya itong parang aso na habol ng habol kay willie dahil daw sa copyrights. Hehehe, eh ang HYY eh diba liabol sa copyrights dahil sa pangagaya bakit kasi kinukuha ang nga member ng EAT BULAGA para maging eatbulaga ang HYY.

Anonymous said...

LOL sino kaya itong parang aso na habol ng habol kay willie dahil daw sa copyrights. Hehehe, eh ang HYY eh diba liabol sa copyrights dahil sa pangagaya bakit kasi kinukuha ang nga member ng EAT BULAGA para maging eatbulaga ang HYY.

----ahahahaha, ULUL!

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

pls.watch ds:
A YouTube video of a little girl crying over the death of Mara is starting to go viral…


dahh aka bank craft said...

====== oi mga kapupu hindi pa po tapos ung kaso ni willieeeee.... nasa korte pa rin un mga tanga.... paano kaya kung nanalo na agad abs dun sa mga kaso ano nman kaya iddahilan ng kapupu na kesyo kadikit ng presidente hay naku kapupu kahit kailan tlaga mga utak ipis kayo..... nood na lang kayo ng pelikula ni richard ng umabot nman sa 135 million hahahahaha.....

Anonymous said...

Permanent vacation for 'Party Pilipinas' director

Another director has opted out of “Party Pilipinas.”

...Director Rico Gutierrez, who formed part of the replacement team that took over the post that director Louie Ignacio vacated last year, has allegedly submitted his resignation papers to GMA SVP for Entertainment Wilma Galvante Thursday.

The report, published by Journal Online, confirmed Galvante's acceptance of the resignation but didn’t detail the reason for the move.

Prior to this, Gutierrez, via Twitter, announced that he will take a much-needed vacation from the show owing to a commitment concerning the musical “Wazak: A Love Story.”

It turned out that Gutierrez was actually intending for a permanent vacation. And although GMA is still mum on the matter as of this writing, many believe that Reyes will continue directing the show by his lonesome in the interim.

That said, Reyes' tenure on the show is also being speculated upon by many given the rumors that he'll be transferring to TV5 soon to helm the made-for-TV remake of “Bagets.”

Ignacio resigned from the show April of last year, citing stress among other reasons. A few days prior to his resignation, Ignacio was said to have also insinuated on wanting to go on a vacation -- which he got when GMA executives accepted his decision.

Speculations on the real reason for his doing so abound –with some deeming it the result of a “vendetta” of sorts. Ignacio himself confirmed this in subsequent interviews.

“There are many who are terribly envious of me,” he said in Filipino. “And they aren’t just ordinary people but other directors eager to helm ‘Party Pilipinas,’" he added without giving out names.

More than his perceived enemies from within the halls of the Kapuso network, the director lamented the lack of professionalism of some of the show’s hosts.

“They don’t want to rehearse. How could we make the show better [if they wouldn’t]? Not many know this, but it’s always the director who’s blamed for a show’s failings. Therein lies the mix-up.”

“Party Pilipinas,” started airing March of last year replacing “SOP: Fully Charged.” Janno Gibbs, Jaya, Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velasquez host the show.


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