Tuesday, May 12, 2015


MANILA - TV5 Network Inc is rolling out its digital TV service nationwide.

Emmanuel C. Lorenzana, TV5 president, said the company is spending P700 million over the next five years, with P300 million allotted for this year alone. The remaining P400 million would be spent through 2020.

"We already have, in fact we are transmitting digital in Channel 41 already. It’s just a matter of making the footprint bigger. Right now, it’s only National Capital Region," Lorenzana said.

"Not only bigger, but I want the transmission to be good in indoors, that's my priority," he said.

TV5 earlier sought National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) approval for the conversion to digital of its UFH TV broadcast station in the following areas: San Jose, Occidental Mindoro; Kalibo, Aklan; Roxas City, Capiz; Puerto Princesa, Palawan; Aparri, Cagayan; Vigan, Ilocos Norte; Iligan, Isabela; Olongapo City, Zambales; Tacloban City and Borongan in Eastern Samar; and Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte.

The Philippines is shifting to digital TV after adopting Japan’s ISDB-T as the standard for the migration. The NTC and the Information and Communications Technology Office are finalizing the migration plan. 

The NTC aims to shut off analog TV service in the country by 2020. The agency is no longer entertaining applications for analog TV.



KapusoAketch said...

Digitalization pa pala ang EBS at TB5! Kami ay HD na! GMAHD! With 25 Billion dollars net income! bwahahahaha

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