Tuesday, December 17, 2013


TV5's rank-and-file union has filed a Notice of Strike with the Department of Labor and Employment, following the union's declaration of a deadlock in its collective bargaining agreement (CBA) with TV5 management last month.

TV5 and the Associated Broadcasting Company Employees Union (ABCEU) could not come to terms on how (or whether) to tackle "non-economic" items on the third year of a prevailing 5-year CBA, both sides acknowledged.

The union in particular said talks had bogged down because of its concern over a TV5 initiative to rename some of its units and positions; such moves could eventually cause the company to declare some posts redundant and open to contractualization, the ABCEU said.

But TV5 management said the CBA was not the proper forum for discussing the matter.

"The Union's focus on 'non-economic' items on the third year of the current 5-year CBA, when only economic provisions are open for discussion under the CBA and the Labor Code, has resulted in this deadlock," TV5 management said in its statement. "The management wants to focus the negotiations on economic items, which include wage increases, signing bonuses and other economic benefits for the rank-and-file employees."

Despite the filing of the Notice of Strike, TV5 officials were hopeful that there remains time to head off an actual work stoppage. "The Management remains optimistic that an agreement could be arrived at soon with the Union so that all stakeholders would enjoy their economic benefits in time for the Christmas season," the statement said.


Anonymous said...

How sad naman itong nangyayari sa The Happy Network.

Anonymous said...

I think RPN 9 is already in digital "formats" and" effects".Look at their tv station screen==Solar News.The other so called "giants" hve yet to use those.almost every thing on chanel 9 is digitalized so ther you go

Anonymous said...

Solar chanel 9 is already digital;look at ther plug ins.I think they will be number 1 this 2014!mga englisero pa ang kanilang reporters

Anonymous said...

Kala ko ba binibili nila ang GMA, bakit di nila matugunan simpleng

Anonymous said...

Better if rpn9 may back as rpn9 i revive n lng.in the philippine history of tv they r d number 1 tv network from 1960s to 1990s era.at alam kong maraming susuporta s kanila specially s mga naka2alam ng rpn9.change d tv habit rpn9 make it difference.puro soap,asianovela n lng ang merun s tv.nakakaumay


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