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MANILA, Philippines -- Regal Entertainment is known to be GMA' Network's partner in the movie industry as gestured by a number of co-productions shared by the two movie outfits. But with emergence of a new player, TV5, Regal is said to change its alliance and switch to the more financially viable partner under the backing of the PLDT Group. If this materializes will GMA Films go for solo? Does its new  and aggressive solo movies a sign of its independence?

TV5 hooks up with Regal: There is no official hook-up or partnership existing in black and white between TV5 and Regal Films, but the two giants are working quietly together behind the scenes.

Lily Monteverde’s daughter, Roselle, serves as consultant and also co-producer to Studio 5, TV...5’s film division. Their first project, in fact, is the Metro Manila Film Festival entry, “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.”

The title is patented Regal, having been the same title of a big box office hit in the 1980s starring Vilma Santos, Snooky Serna and Maricel Soriano.

Just recently, Regal Films signed up four homegrown talents of TV5, namely Ritz Azul, Eula Caballero, Morissette Amon, and Jazz Ocampo.

Azul, who placed third in the network’s talent search, “Star Factor,” recently top-billed the TV5 series “Mga Nagbabagang Bulaklak.” She is also one of the leads in “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” along with more senior stars Heart Evangelista and Carla Abellana.

“Bagets” star Eula Caballero, whose acting chops propelled her to win the top plum in “Star Factor,” has been featured in a string of TV5 shows including “LuvCrazy” where she played lead.

Morissette Amon is a young diva with an amazing voice. She finished first runner-up in “Star Factor.” Her debut album will be released soon.

Jazz Ocampo, another “Star Factor” finalist, is out to prove that she is more than just a pretty face. She co-stars in “Bagwis” opposite Oyo Sotto.

All four girls – Ritz, Eula, Morissette and Jazz – are part of TV5’s Saturday variety show, “Hey, It’s Saberday.”

The weekend variety show is one of the network’s platforms for building up stars.

Legendary star builder: TV5 couldn’t have partnered with a more effective, results-oriented star builder than the legendary “Mother” Lily.

Ms. Monteverde’s star-building skills, matched by a passion for nurturing actors and actresses, are known throughout the entertainment industry. Under her stewardship, the veteran woman producer steered Regal Films to become the No. 1 movie company during its time, the late ’70s through the 1990s.

Throughout these past decades, Regal has brought to the public such luminous stars as Snooky Serna, Maricel Soriano, Dina Bonnevie, Gabby Concepcion, William Martinez, Alfie Anido, Richard Gomez, Aga Muhlach, Ruffa Gutierrez, Carmina Villaroel, Aiko Melendez, Zoren Legaspi, among many others.

At the height of the popularity of the so-called Regal Babies in the mid-’80s and just when ABS-CBN re-opened in 1986, Regal accepted an offer from ABS-CBN to partner with the then-fledgling network in co-producing shows that starred popular Regal stars.

Channel 2 didn’t have its own set of stars then, and it was Regal which fielded its own big stars to the network. The move attracted a ready and willing audience for ABS-CBN.

Looking back, observers note that that first massive migration of movie stars to ABS-CBN started the downfall of the movie industry and the quick rise of television as a dominant force in local entertainment.

A contrary school of thought, however, claims that TV would have done it anyway – snatch the limelight away from movies – in no time at all, considering the many problems that plagued the movie industry.

By NESTOR CUARTERO, Manila Bulitin


Anonymous said...

flop na nga ang regal & gma films tandem...ang tv5 pa kaya....hehhee mas lalong mag floflop pa ito......sana sa abscbn na lang para starcinema + viva films + regal films...oh diba box office ang dating....BTW, abscbn po ba ang partner ng viva films kasi mostly eh mga artista ang kinukuha ng viva films

network war said...

Star Cinema is compelled to do a co-production with Viva Films whenever Viva talents like Sarah Geronimo and Anne Curtis are involved. On most cases, Star Cinema prefers to produce Films in solo.

Anonymous said...

narealize na siguro ng regal films na di naman talaga number one ang gma7.. na di naman talaga sikat ang gma artists kasi puro flop ang movies nila ng katie-up nya na gma. hehehe.. atleast kung makipag tie up sya sa tv5, at kung magflop man ang movie nila eh understandable naman, kasi number3 lang ang tv5 at nagsisimula pa lang.. may excuse hehe.. sayang lang siguro ang malaking tf na binibigay nya sa mga gma artists, di naman makahatak nang manonood sa sinehan. hahaha.. yan kasi eh, laging nag ke-claim na number one ang gma7, di naman pala. hahaha. pano yan? dami na umaalis sa inyo?? kwawa naman gma.. mag produce na lang kayo ng sarili nyong movie, ng mapatunayan nyo na number 1 kayo, kaya lang nagtitipid ang gma eh.. kaya ang siste, ang yumayaman eh si gozon dahil tinitipid ang network nila. hahaha

cooldudeTWOFIVE said...

Blogger network war said...

Star Cinema is compelled to do a co-production with Viva Films whenever Viva talents like Sarah Geronimo and Anne Curtis are involved. On most cases, Star Cinema prefers to produce Films in solo.


Watever! said...

duh!!! kahit anu pang film outfit sa pinas still it can't deny the fact na kelangan parin ng improvement in terms producing a film noh! maganda parin ang foreign film kasi may quality talaga at sulit ang bayad! PLS watch harry potter the last installment ang ganda ng trailer! this July 15 na! im excited to watch!

Anonymous said...

nag co produce lang ang STAR CINEMA sa VIVA FILMS..kapag talents ng VIVA ang binigyan ng movie..like SARAH G. and ANNE CURTIS...pwo in most cases...STAR CINEMA goes solo talaga..kasi they can afford..and bankable ang stars ng STAR MAGIC

realKAPAMILYA said...

grabe naman yan!!

baka mabura na ang GME FILMS!!

Anonymous said...

me Viva p. Ksama ng GMA films ang Viva khit me partnership ang viva s star cinema.

KAPAMS said...

oks lang. the more films produced, the better for this dying industry.


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