Wednesday, July 6, 2011


As Mark Gil’s close friend, I am privileged to see his soft side, which is totally the opposite of his villain roles onscreen. The doting father finally speaks up on his daughter Andi Eigenmann’s unexpected pregnancy.

“It doesn’t end here for Andi,” says Mark. “She still has a long way to go in her career. I am confident that she will always stand strong for who she is. It’s not all that bad a situation. As a matter of fact, it’s a beautiful thing.”

What are his sentiments about the “mysterious” father of Andi’s baby-to-be?

“The father will remain unknown. ’Di na mahalaga ’yun. Maraming tatayong ama sa apo ko, lalo na ako. I wouldn’t wish my grandchild to [be around] a wimpy father who is still breast-fed by his mother.

“Masakit sa kahit sinong babae na ginulpi at binuntis at tinalikuran, tapos papalabasin pa na si Andi ang maraming boyfriend. Sobra na ’yun. At may DNA test pa na hinihingi. Such a hypocrite and pathetic animal!”

Once and for all, Mark clarifies that Jake Ejercito, Erap’s son (with Laarni Enriquez), is not the culprit.

“Jake is a very refined kid,” he points out. “We like him a lot. Kawawa naman at nadadamay siya sa issue. Knight in shining armor nga siya ni Andi. He has never left Andi’s side in spite of her situation. And I’m grateful for that.”

Motherhood will definitely give Andi a deeper reservoir of emotions, which she can draw from, that could make her an even better actress. The all-out support and unwavering love of Andi’s family, friends and fans more than compensate for the absence of her baby’s father. Kakulangan siya, pero ’di siya kawalan.

I salute Andi for being brave enough to keep her baby. She will surely make a lovely Mama Agua Bendita!


Anonymous said...

i really appreciate andi for keeping her baby..thats a real person..,you can make it..you are such a strong woman...just be yourself we love you for who you are....and we, your fans always at your side...we all love you...your baby is such a blessing..GOD give that to you with purpose.

exkanguso said...

the one and only mr. mark gil ang isa sa mga magagaling na aktor na kinatatakutan ko when i was a kid hehehhe..... i salute him for being a supportive father to andi...

exkanguso said...

the likes of albie casino shall also serve as lesson to us na wag tau masyado obsess sa mga favorite celebs natin, na porke wholesome image ay mabuti ng tao.. di natin sila kilala ng personal... they are just there to entertain us...

Anonymous said...

mahirap manghusga kasi hindi natin alam kung ano talagang ngyarin between them...kung bakit ngaway ang dalawa...

although nakakainis talaga kapag may hinihingi pang dna test.....

Anonymous said...

sayang si albie...pa start na sana yung career niya....

Anonymous said...

let's not judge albie

unang una, break na sila since last year, and she got pregnant 2months ago

ang dali maghabol ng tatay di ba?

remember when jennelyn got pregnant? alam nyang si patrick, at hinabol nila nung una, pero in the end, hindi rin sure si patrick na sya ang tatay

in this case, ni hindi mapangalanan ni jaclyn at andi ang tatay, puro description

i have a feeling hindi rin sure si Andi kung sino ang tatay

Albie's mom has every right na magrequest/welcome ng DNA test, dahil, like i said break na sila ni Andi when she got pregnant

Anonymous said...

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