Monday, May 23, 2011


Following the success of “In the Name of Love” in the Philippines, the film flagged the country  in the international box-office as it was listed in the Top 20 movies around the world with highest weekend gross as reported by the Associated Press! The list features international box-office grosses of all movies being shown around the world, hence Star Cinema's In the Name of Love battled titan Hollywood movies from giant international film producers. But despite the huge challenge the Olivia Lamasan film which starred Angel Locsin and Aga Muhlach made to the list and was praised by the critics locally and internationally.

Here’s the said list which was released last week :

1. “Fast Five,” $44,464,276, 9,142 locations, 52 territories, $437,030,300, four weeks.

2. “Thor,” $24,299,795, 9,177 locations, 53 territories, $351,672,123, four weeks.

3. “Priest,” $15,537,120, 5,928 locations, 42 territories, $42,319,187, two weeks.

4. “Rio,” $11,446,722, 7,144 locations, 54 territories, $418,781,999, six weeks.

5. “Water For Elephants,” $9,952,838, 5,144 territories, 44 locations, $72,420,355, five weeks.

6. “Midnight In Paris,” $5,497,429, 676 locations, three territories, $6,486,812, one week.

7. “Source Code,” $4,655,971, 1,236 locations, 24 territories, $101,288,698, seven weeks.

8. “Sunny,” $4,238,124, NA locations, one territory, $12,370,699, two weeks.

9. “Black Swan,” $3,399,672, 399 locations, 13 territories, $299,089,022, 17 weeks.

10. “Something Borrowed,” $3,070,276, 3,368 locations, 12 territories, $35,408,484, two weeks.

11. “Scream 4,” $2,630,858, 1,820 locations, 29 territories, $91,621,281, five weeks.

12. “Peak -The Rescuers,” $2,367,471, locations not available, one territory, $8,907,190, two weeks.

13. “Unknown,” $2,342,180, 632 locations, 15 territories, $127,144,550, 11 weeks.

14. “Insidious,” $2,036,375, 1,113 locations, five territories, $66,409,258, seven weeks.

15. “In the Name of Love,” $1,917,443, 87 locations, one territory, $1,917,444, one week.

16. “Attack the Block,” $1,842,181, 352 locations, one territory, $1,842,182, one week.

17. “Hanna,” $1,809,074, 1,283 locations, three territories, $46,962,126, six weeks.

18. “Red,” $1,540,275, locations not available, one territory, $185,351,417, one week.

19. “Gantz Perfect Answer,” $1,483,104, 16 locations, two territories, $28,756,422, four weeks.

20. “Your Highness,” $1,441,901, 513 locations, nine territories, $26,141,546, nine weeks.

Courtesy: Yahoo.com


Anonymous said...

ayan ang totoong blockbuster....walang padding...

hindi gaya nung iba dyan na 135m daw in 3 days movie nila...pagdating sa box office mojo hindi naman pala....DI BA MGA KANGUSO FANS? HAHAHAHA...


KAPAMS said...

wow! ;p

Anonymous said...


panalo talaga....hindi gaya ng kabilang network na nauuna ang yabang hahahahha.....tapos flop naman wahahahah.....

Anonymous said...

Let's all just be proud that a Philippine movie made it to this acclaimed list. Kapamilya o Kapuso, Pinoy ka pa rin naman.

Congrats, Angel, Aga, Star Cinema!

Anonymous said...

yan ang totoong HINDI FLOP!! at yan ang totoong DIVINE INTERVENTION, diba mother lily monteverde at GME FILMS??

congrats kapamilya!!

Anonymous said...

Congratz KAPAMILYA....

Anonymous said...

go go go kapamilya!!

wawa ang mga kapupu niyan..

Anonymous said...

Galing ng Star Cinema. Palong palo na naman ang kita nila. Yan ang ABS CBN, di lang sila concentrate sa TV network nila. Kahit minsan poor ang performance in ibang sections nila, very good naman ang iba which makes the company very successful.
Yun GMA naman, yung TV channel lang ang main product nila, kaya todo praise release na they're number 1 kasi kapag hindi, baka bumaba ang ads at mag lipatan ang investors.
un lang ang aking pananaw... pis ol!

Angels fly high!!! said...

wow totoo nga ung sinabi ng fan club nag full support lahat ng 1.7m na fans ni Angel sa FB... sunod sunod ba naman ang block screening eh, dyan kau manginig, mukhang binalewala ng mga taga fb ung fhm... mas inuna tong film na to.

ganyan sumuporta ang mga ANGELS!!!

go go go fight!!!

Anonymous said...

taob ang gma films...taob na taob...

Anonymous said...

pakk! gling ni miss angel locsin .. sya dapat ang mging primetime queen at hindi si marian rivera .. kcee ibang klase tlga ang movie nya akalain moh gnun ka hit ang movie nya .. cnu pa kaya ang tatalo nun??

Anonymous said...

mgkano bah lahat ng kita ng catch me i'm in love??

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